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Brandi Does Her Homework Smoking Females


Starring: Brandi Simone and Her Homework Cock. This video features Brandi Simone… who now goes by her real name, Julie Simone. She was pretty, slim, copper-haired 21-year-old webmodel who contacted us about doing a video shoot. We started by filming her interview (on Still Talking) and after it she decided she wanted to do something a bit more exciting. So she came back some months later and she dressed up as a college schoolgirl (she had a complete college girl’s school outfit with her!) and we went from there! It starts with Brandi telling you she sometimes feels like a bad girl when she smokes and that it reminds her of doing something else! Well, she has a Virginia Slim (her regular brand) and gets you in the mood. She smokes in rapid succession, one drag after another. In the next scene, she lights up a Virginia Slim 120 and tells you what it reminds her of… a long hard cock! In comes… a long hard cock!!! Brandi begins to give it a nice smoky blow job, while kneeling. There are some really nice close-ups as she sucks the hard cock and smokes, wafting onto the throbbing erection. In the next scene, she is between her guy’s legs as he sits in a chair. She lights a Virginia Slim and proceeds to caress, stroke and suck his large uncut cock while smoking… drag after drag. In the final scene, Brandi is again kneeling. She has another Virginia Slim and starts to work on on his hard penis again, wanting her reward. She isn’t disappointed as he climaxes, his hot sperm spraying her face, eye and mouth as she excitedly takes drags on her cigarette. This video was shot with 3 cameras and the full facial climax is shown in it’s entirety from all three angles. We had been having a problem with one of the cameras and this video also has a little of the squeaking problems. We needed to get it fixed, but Brandi was ready to film and we had to use the troublesome camera. That’s why we’re offering it at a special, lower price. We think it’s worth it if you like REALLY LONG blowjobs and facials while smoking. Some of you may recognize her. She went on to do her own smoking fetish and BDSM videos under a totally different name but she got her start in smoking and fetish videos with us!! Mostly live audio (slightly squeaky soundtrack in places, nudity, very explicit sexual acts), wet facial climax, male nudity.

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