California Dreamin Volume III Double H Video


This video starts with Terre, an Indian/Black mix. This girl has a unique look, very ritzy and hot is what we think. Smoking her 120s she is truly sophisticated. Next is Stephanie, an absolutely gorgeous Italian girl. WOW! Long raven hair, deep ebony eyes and her smoking makes you melt. Stephanie has just started smoking and has a very fresh style and look, very dainty smoking, very ladylike, she is too fine! Laurie returns, lets her hair down, and smokes a Kool 100. Terre returns in a black negligee looking like a Nubian princess, she is absolutely stunning as she smokes a Marlboro Light. Terre and Laurie do a combo scene in which they sit at a table and talk about finer things while smoking.. truly a delight. Allison rounds out the video. Allison is your typical girl next door. She isnt fancy she is just a good smoker. This video is unedited, there are some gaps between girls from time to time, too many girls…too little time.

Length: 45 Minutes

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