Coughing spitting and smoking Marlboro reds + darkside smoking fetish talk Smoking Angie


This was a custom clip, no names mentioned. The customer basically asked me to smoke Marlboro reds (an easy yes) cough (it’s already part of me) and spit and show the spit on my ashtray in the end. But I decided to make this clip even more special since is my first spit video. I talk about side effects of smoking, why I am smoking mostly Marlboro reds now etc. Here is a little description of what you will see when you buy this:

When you smoke as long as I do (8 years), you get some so called side effects and boy they got me… I used to cough more in the morning, but now sometimes I cough when I am smoking during the day, specially when I smoke strong cigarettes. But that’s the thing, the more addicted you get the stronger is the cigarette you need, and I have to tell you they go harsh on your throat when you have a cough… smoke strong cigarettes and menthols always make me wanna spit… disgusting I know, but I think you don’t find THAAT disgusting, do you? I will talk a lot about my cough and side effects in this video, and of course smoke and spit A LOT while I send one more Marlboro red straight to my lungs. I know they need it xoxo

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