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Dessi: Holding It Inside


Dessi is a very pretty girl tattooed girl that featured in the Rosy’s girlfriends video. This interview is our answer about the multiples requests we received to film Dessi.

Unless this fine lady of 21 years old looks quiet innocent, she actually started to smoke 7 years ago, stealing some cigarettes from her mother. She was hooked from her very first cigarette. And since then, she made her way through her addiction to reach today a pretty impressive daily intake for her age: 30 cigarettes!

Dessi brings out a very relaxed smoking style with long powerful drags, she then pulls out the warm smoke deep in to her lungs where it cans actually stay forever! Indeed, each drag rests at least 8 seconds in her air cells. Consequently, her exhales are quiet clear, but she blows out a lot of residuals instead, from her nose and mouth. But Dessi can also sometimes display some natural powersmoking action and combos exhales.

Though the habit made its job on her, as she often breaks coughing and her skin clearly lacks oxygen, Dessi is very devoted to her smoking, she enjoys it and doesn’t plan to quit. She even feels some cravings for another cigarette, even if the current one is not finished. When we asked her how much time she can actually stays without smoking, her answer confirms her addiction: “minutes”! She also confesses that she often wakes up in the middle of the night to light up, half awake, half asleep. So she always keeps a pack of cigarettes on her night table, to prevent being out of her much needed nicotine!

Dessi speaks her native language to reveal her feelings as she smokes. We took the time to translate the whole interview in english, so you can appreciate her voice, starting to be raspy, without missing any detail from her interview, With this relaxed smoking style enhanced by her everlasting holds and punctuated by her constant residuals, Dessi knows how to exploit her cigarettes to their full value.

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