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Double H Girls Volume VI


Video 69: Double H Girls Volume VI

1. CC is a 21 y/o blonde southern cutie. She has great features, especially her full lips…very nice exhales here.

2. Dee Dee 20, is a brunette college girl. Nice deep inahles, some good French inhales and huge never- ending exhales make this girl extremely sexy. Her dangling and rapid pace make this girl one hell of a Smoker.

3. Quita, 21, is a petite brunette who has some great mouth exhales and a few smoke rings.

4. Wanda 22, is a very attractive black smoker. She smokes very elegantly with nice long inhales followed by large volume exhales. She does a few amazing French inhales “right at you”.

5. African-American girl Lisa 19, fittingly is a black and mild cigar smoker. Deep inhales and large exhales come from this petite girl – that’s a lot of smoke from such a tiny one!

6. Dallas, 22,….OH MY GOD! This could be THE most attractive girl yet! A “must-see!.” Only a poet could find the words to describe this girl’s looks or her luscious smoking style…truly one of the most appealing girls we have ever filmed.

7. What about Lianne, a 21 y/o Asian with a pack of VS 120s?? She is cute as a button and smokes like a much more mature woman. A knockout for Asian-lovers.

8. Denise 29, is a fit attractive power smoker. She takes massive drags that result in massive exhales, with smoke billowing out like a five-alarm fire. Is that only one girl creating that much smoke???

9. Beth, 22, is a cute blonde college girl wearing glasses that make her look studious and sexy as hell. The “librarian with a passionate side” type. She has some exceptional exhales, especially mouth , with a few nose exhales here and there. Better get down to that library to study her!

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