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Halle Solo #2 In Real Life


Halle: Solo 2 is the latest and last appearance (at least for a while) of Halle.

This video is one hour long and features …surprise surprise Halle! You will see Halle smoke a variety of cigarettes with her usual flair for strong drags and large exhales. This girl really loves to smoke, if you cant tell. Halle appears in a variety of casual clothing styles. You will see Halle perform snaps, frenches, and open mouth inhales…followed by cone and tight stream exhales.

All of our vids are shot with studio lighting, front and back. We shoot only on digital video cameras, and every copy of the tape is a direct 1st generation analog VHS copy of a digital master. This title features music by Tommy.

Halle smokes Newport 100’s, B & H 100’s, and VS 120’s in this video.

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