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Isabel: Chain Smoking Girl


For her second video here, the beautiful Isabel shows a brand new hairstyle with a marvelous brown flowing thick head of hair. Her habit keeps as high as the last year, urging for cigarettes and devouring them with long hits, often double or triple. This video features 3 scenes:

Scene 1: Wearing a red dress, Isabel quickly milks two cigarettes with long drags, inhaling the smoke all way down and fixing her cravings holding it deep inside. Her chest rises after each of her perfect open mouth inhales. Two cigarettes are smoked here.

Scene 2: Isabel is sat in the armchair to smoke 3 cigarettes. Her drags appear longer and deeper, most of the time double. The cigarette is smoked right to the butt, which she uses to light up her second one of this scene. She then dangles her thirth cigarette with some nice nostril exhales. Isabel unbuttons her black top for some nipple smoke shower! And finally another cigarette is smoked in bare breasts, indulging her habit of kissing cigarettes.

Scene 3: Isabel enjoys an extra smoke with nice nose mouth combo exhales. Her green blouse let reveal the firm points of her nipples craving for nicotine!
Isabel lights up 7 times along this video, proving that a butt is not a waste but a precious help to smoke without any interruption!

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