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Kaitlynn Tour De France Specialized Videos


Kaitlynn: Tour De France runs over an hour and 10 minutes. Kaitlynn smokes with her mom Janet and solo in this video. Kaitlynn is a power smoker with a snap inhale that is breathtaking, this video captures that along with creamy french inhales, talking exhales, residual exhales, nostril exhales, many double hits, and much more. In addition to the incredible smoking there is intimate dialog, stellar lighting, innovative camera angles, smoking sounds and highlight after highlight in this phenomenal production. Kaitlynn is so cute you will never believe a girl like this can and does smoke like she does, but seeing is believing. The unbelievable smoking is showcased by an incredible array of scenes that includes Kaitlynn being the mom with her mom, racing to finish their cigarettes, playing pool while smoking with her mom, and her mother’s amazement about how gorgeous Kaitlynn looks when she smokes. Kaitlynn is adorable and this video also features a wonderful wardrobe that includes a very sexy skirt to show off her incredible legs, little black dresses and a naughty leather outfit where Kaitlynn’s cuteness is an incredible contrast AND when you add her awesome smoking on top of that it is to die for! This video is another phenomenal showcase for Kaitlynn.

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