Mery’s Bodypainting A Smoking Piece Of Art


This production (22 minutes runtime) features the very attractive Mery in her first solo appearance, presenting herself as a young heavy smoking woman while being in the center of attention alone. Her metamorphosis into a bodypainter’s piece of art is supported by six cigarettes, which she all smokes down to the filters in her usual confident but unexaggerated heavy smoker’s style.

Scene 1: Her breasts and her belly are painted first. The peer pressure of exposing her naked body to the camera makes Mery to smoke at a faster pace than usual, devouring 2 cigarettes in a few minutes in order to bless her craving chest while calming down her nerves.
Scene 2: Mery chain-smokes another two cigs while she gets prepared for the next transformation stage with the help of her bodypainting artist, who is also a smoker. The camera close-ups allow to the viewer to appreciate in detail her continuous erect drags, creamy open mouth inhales, and thick nostril exhales.
Scene 3: Mery has now become a complete smoking art piece. In this scene she presents herself to the viewer while smoking two cigarettes (really nice shots of her body fully loaded of smoke, while keeping direct eye contact!), which adds to the crackling atmosphere.
Enjoy this special combination of skilled craftsmanship and cigarette intake carried out by two likeable smokers. The saga goes on!

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