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Michelle Chain Smoking Girl


Michelle is a really addicted Spanish chainsmoker who loves smoking all the time. She started smoking really young, and when she was 16 she was already smoking a lot. Now she smokes two packs everyday and loves it. When she goes out and drinks she can easily chain smoke about 30 cigarettes chaining them all night long. She smokes her reds 100s with natural full mouth inhales, showing her sexy lips wrapped around the filter, dragging extremely hard so she can get the most smoke inside her body. She always lights up her cigarettes using matches, and the amount of smoke she can suck in is incredible so her exhales are really long and thick.

This video is divided into 2 parts:
– Part 1: Michelle smokes 7 cigarettes in 15 minutes inside the house. She models in the kitchen in a sexy sporty outfit, taking long cheek hollowing drags, with natural open mouth inhales who let you see the white creamy smoke before she takes it inside her lungs. Then she lays on the sofa talking about her smoking history and her love of smoking. In front of the mirror she shows us how erotic smoking is for her, and how addicted she is. She takes the biggest drags she can, does some snaps, dangles, double pumps, blows rings. She’s teasing us with her smoking and she loves it.
– Part 2: Michelle smokes outside at a bar terrace. But she has a cigarette in each hand ! It’s so natural for her to always have a cig in hand that she doesn’t care smoking two at once in public. She smokes 4 cigs like this, easily taking drags as big on two cigarettes at once, than with just one. This girl never can get enough nicotine to satisfy her !

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