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Random Snaps Special #144


This video opens with a terrific scene featuring Kelly smoking a VS 120 in medium closeup; you can tell from watching her that she’s put a lot of work into developing her smoking style, with perfect snap inhales and smoke rings surrounding pretty, slow mouth exhales with lots of residuals. You can also tell that she enjoys you watching her smoke. Nancy is next in three scenes, first clothed and lying in bed while texting and enjoying a 120, then smoking all-whites in lingerie at her makeup setup and in casual outfit on the couch. Throughout, she shows deep drags, messy snaps, cone exhales, dangles and smoke rings. Hottie Tiffany is dressed up in the dressing room and then relaxing; she smokes corks with messy snaps, thick mouth exhales and big rings. Mel finishes up, looking elegant with a VS 120 and wine, and showing her usual deep drags slow mouth exhales, recycled french inhales and smoke play. There is natural sound and some dialogue in this title.

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