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Pixie Innocent Looking Heavy Smoker


Introducing adorable heavy smoking model Pixie a 22 year old pretty girl that loves smoking cigarettes. Pixie is a super cute working model with a wholesome innocent look, she doesn’t look like she would be a smoker but she admits she is a smoking fiend and loves to smoke cigarettes all day long. She devours her cigarettes quickly with hard cheek hollowing drags, deep inhales, thick exhales and performs some sexy open mouth inhales. As a working model, Pixie is quite comfortable and natural in front of the camera looking at you often as she enjoys powerfully smoking her cigarettes. She rapidly smokes down 7 Marlboro Reds in 7 new smoking scenes, dressed nicely and looking adorable and innocent. Each of the 7 scenes are captured from two angles and all are included for a total of 14 heavy smoking scenes with this cutie. Awesome heavy and sexy smoking from this experienced cigarette loving beautiful model Pixie !!!

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