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Naughty School Girl Bonnie Encourages Her Teacher Miss Klass to Smoke in School St Mackenzie’s


Miss Klass is waiting for a meeting with Headmistress and while she waits she decides she really needs a cigarette after such a long day. So she lights up right outside Headmistress’s office, sucking hard on the cigarette’s butt and inhaling deeply. As she smokes she is joined by Lola, who is very surprised to see Miss being so naughty and right outside Headmistress’s office. Miss tries to explain how smoking helps her relax, plus it can make you look very sexy, and she tells Lola that she should try it. Lola takes the cigarette but it barely gets to her mouth before she is coughing hard. While Miss continues to smoke Lola begins to worry her uniform and lingerie will smell and people will think she is the one who has been smoking. So she starts to strip and as she gets increasingly naked Miss tries to persuade her to give smoking another try!

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