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Nosy Neighbour on Chloe & Rebecca Smoking Cafe Creme Cigars in the Hot Tub WomenWhoSmoke


Chloe Toy & Rebecca Leah are topless in the hot tub. Rebecca bought some Cafe Creme Cigars on holiday and thought they could smoke one each and give them a try. Chloe agrees so the girls take a cigar each and put them in their mouth’s. Rebecca lights up Chloe’s cigar for her and then lights up her own. The girls like how cute these small cigars are and how easy it is to inhale the smoke. They continue to have a few more drags until they notice that a neighbour has been perving on them! That is you! The girls quite like that you like watching them. They come closer to you and smoke the rest of their cigars close up to you, as they tease you for spying on them.


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