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Valeria: Mature Smoker Interview 2


Valeria smokes 7 full flavored 100s cigarettes in this video with super heavy deep drags that burn them down to the butt quickly. In the first 2 scenes, Valeria rushes through respectively 3 and 2 cigarettes. Her drags are always double, and sometimes triple, all without removing the tip from her lips! As the nicotine level gets comfortable for her, she lights up again 2 times in the last scene, watching herself in the mirror. During this 3rd scene, her pulls are less often double and much slower than in the previous scenes, but she holds the smoke inside longer.

During this interview, Valeria gives further details about how she feels when she smokes. “Smoking in one of the best pleasure in life, I love to share my cigarettes with someone”, she says. Talking exhales are constant along the interview, letting deep clouds of residual smoke to escape from her mouth and nose.

Valeria lights up 6 cigarettes with matches plus 1 with the previous cigarette butt. This video is full of wonderful close-ups to show you the drags as if you were here. The interview is all subtitled for English speaking viewers. Valeria does not do any tricks but powerful cheek hollowing drags and rich cone and combos exhales, coming along with many residuals. This smoking session is also rhythmed by Valeria’s frequent coughs.

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