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Smoking, Kissing & black lungs: Asha & Stacey Devour Cigarettes While They Kiss & Fondle Smoking Fetish Studio


What can be sexier than watching a magnificent model smoking? Two magnificent models smoking perhaps? Well, what about two magnificent models smoking AND kissing and fondling? This extended compilation is without doubt the most sensual and erotic film that I’ve produced with any models until now. Asha and Stacey are both in their 20’s and have been long-term addicted smokers for years. They have exquisite bodies which are even more exquisite when they inhale delectable smoke into their ravished lungs.

Asha is bi-sexual and Stacey has recently been exploring her sexuality. Needless to say Asha was more than enthusiastic to indulge in physical contact with her friend. In these four scenes we witness the two girls become increasingly sexual, passionate and intimate. As they suck hard on their cigarettes they decide to feed smoke to each other and simultaneously fervently kiss. They probe and explore with their tongues while smoke billows from their black lungs and envelopes the . They exhale smoke into the others mouth and breathe the creamy smoke deep into their body.

As they become further aroused Asha tantalises Stacey by touching and fondling her bare breasts and face, all the while kissing and smoking Superking cigarettes. Both girls are accomplished smokers and loyally cherish their addiction. In fact both girls unashamedly enjoy being addicted to cigarettes.

They share drags from each other’s cigarettes while devouring their own. They tease and kiss and touch and fondle. Eventually Asha is down to her underwear and fondles her pussy all the while smoking … of course! There’s (sadly) an abrupt conclusion to the compilation as Stacey wanted to finish filming. It transpires she thought Asha would take her all the way! An experience she wasn’t quite ready for. This compilation is still nonetheless without hesitation the sexiest I’ve ever filmed. Two erotic and sensual girls who love exploring each other’s bodies and who importantly love to breathe plentiful volumes of smoke into their lungs.

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