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Sophie Extreme Smoking Multiples


Ready for some extreme smoking? The British Sophie breaks a new record smoking multiples in this video!

Sophie first smokes two red 100s, often dangling, drifting some smoke between each big drag, and often she forgets to exhale. She is filmed so close and she makes so much smoke: “I feel contentment, peace, a little dizzy, but it’s nice!” She drags heavily, leaves a little cloud, inhales and exhale through her parted lips.

At the question: “how much can you smoke at the same time?” She answers “2, may be 3, let see what happens…” She spontaneously grabs her pack and shove all the lasting cigarettes in her mouth. And the amount is… Retain your breath…6 cigarettes at once!!! “Wow! Amazing! I feel like a dragon!”, she says, trying to catch her breath between two huge drags. She makes so much smoke that sometimes you can barely see her behind the thick smoky curtain. It s not a simple exercise, she burns all the 6 cigarettes right down to the filter! This amazing amount of smoke brings some tears to her eyes that spread her mascara on her cheeks. I let you discover what she feels about that incredible nicotine rush.

She then tells you a little bit about her tastes and smoking habbit. This English girl can go through 3 or 4 packs a day! And because 2+6 cigarettes is not enough, she then naturally dangles 2 cigarettes at once, focusing on her pleasure with great long inhales and exhales! Sophie often moans of pleasure, if she could, this girl would keep the smoke inside her body forever!

Sophie smokes a total of 10 cigarettes in less than 20 minutes (lighting up using matches); that is under 2 minutes per cigarette! And she feels totally comfortable! The combination between her great style and addiction, plus this incredible “multiples” challenge make this video a must have.

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