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8 Models Smoke & Talk


Here are 8 sexy smokers each enjoying smoking a cigarette and chatting with their friend; Jill and Chloe, Cassidy and Britt, Mackenzi and Sabrina, Casey and Mariana. They all have a fun time laughing and talking as they smoke cigarettes together. Jill & Chloe smoke Red 100s while they talk about smoking and try some smoking tricks, Cassidy & Britt smoke Red 100s and blow smoke in each others faces while they talk about their past vacations, Mackenzi & Sabrina smoke Marlboro Reds and also try some smoke tricks and talk about their smoking habits and last Casey & Mariana smoke Red 100s and talk about smoking and getting caught smoking.
Three of the four scenes are captured from two angles and are included in a separate HD download.
Eight sexy smokers having a great time hanging out with their friend and enjoying smoking cigarettes !!!

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