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Ajda And Iveta Chain Smoking


Iveta and Ajda talk about their strong addiction in this video as they chain smoke. Fortunately they don’t have a lighter so they smoothly light their next cigarettes with the previous ones in an endless smoking cycle…

Nothing can break Ajda’s enthusiasm talking about her addiction: “How can I get sick with smoking?” “My best pleasure is to smoke in a bath, along with a glass of wine. I like this feeling, when the smoke dances in my lungs.” Regarding Iveta, she is totally committed to smoking: “Cigarette is a part of my hand. I like to watch other women smokers, it’s so sexy, women smokers are powerful”.

Both girls show perfect combined nose mouth exhales; Iveta displays amazing naturally done danglings followed by incredibly thick French inhales, Ajda does wonderful open mouth inhales and snaps. Be aware about the wonderful close ups.

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