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Alba: Taking Delight In Smoking


This video features the new face Alba, an attractive young lady who showcases a freshening attitude towards smoking and of course accomplished smoking abilities. It is 17 minutes long and consists of three scenes and each one is definitely worth watching.

Scene 1: Alba chainsmokes two cigarettes with really powerful drags, deep inhales and downright explosive exhales. She talks about the pleasure that smoking gives her and explicitly encourages the viewer to smoke too so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy smoking as much as she does. A convincing plea given by an authentic female smoker.
Scene 2: Alba has ensconced herself in an armchair. She wears a transparent top here and enjoys one and a half cigarettes with once again outstanding drags and thus produces an enormous smoke volume. Smoking is sport for her, so if she gets wet coughing, then she had just exercised successfully.
Scene 3: Cigarettes are hanging from the room’s ceiling and it is Alba’s job to snatch them with her lips and smoke them down to the filter. Once she has snatched the dangling cig, she applies dozens of powerful drags to each cigarette, pumping vast amounts of creamy smoke through her trained lungs.
Alba outclasses many models with ease and in all of the scenes, Fran was able to get the most out of her and he fortunately managed to capture this natural talent on film.

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