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Autumn Hardcore In Real Life Exposed


Autumn is back for a smoking and sex marathon.

The video opens with an obviously-horny Autumn teasing her off-camera boyfriend, smoking and touching herself. But it isn’t long before she breaks out a sex toy and peels off her clothes to smoke herself to a noisy climax, all the while playing to the camera and her off-camera boyfriend. Autumn is ready for more, though, as her boyfriend is next in line – she lights up again and smokes non-stop as he satisfies her orally. And they’re far from done after that, as it’s time for acrobatic hardcore sex, in two different positions, as Autumn smokes and screws until the messy finish.

Autumn smokes Virginia Slims 120s and Marlboro Lights 100s, and uses lighters for lightups. Several cameras, positioned at different angles, were used to film the action, and the best footage from the various cameras is used throughout the video – with three different views of the climax.

We use digital video cameras to film all our videos, with front and back studio lighting and four different camera angles. Every copy is made from a digital master, and is a first generation analog VHS copy of the master.

This video features ambient sound, and is 58 minutes in length.

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