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Erika: Smoking Machine


Ready for a chain smoking session? Beautiful Erika chains 12 full flavour cigarettes –burnt down to the filter– in this extra long video, with a never seen before conviction. She doesn’t give a chance to any shred of tobacco to be left unburnt, driving the much needed smoke directly to her craving lungs with a rare intensity. Erika is completely involved in her habit, sucking the maximum of each drag. Her only break in her nicotine-feeding session is taken up with her frequent wet coughs.

Scene 1: Erika chain smokes 4 cigarettes without breaks, usually dangling with direct inhales with enormous drags that leave a dark taint to the filter tip, even half way of the cigarette. Beautiful smoking snaps followed by nose mouth combinations or nostrils are often displayed, it seems that Erika doesn’t know about single drags. She even recycles some of her exhales! This is almost always 2 huge pulls that cut the fifth of her king size cigarette! It seems so natural for her to chain this way. Because her body is frequently overwhelmed by such a volume of smoke, it delivers some spontaneous wet coughs.

Scene 2: Erika lays down on the couch and smokes her cigarettes more slowly, taking time to appreciate each puff. She is filmed up-close here, so you get a beautiful view on her bare breasts that rise with joy under a constant nicotine flow. Her pretty full ashtray, held on her belly takes part of the dance too, slowly filling up with well spent butts. As cigarettes are part and parcel of her, she even rubs her breasts with the fallen ashes…

Scene 3: Erika stands by the door way, quickly burning down some 4 extra cigarettes. The light from behind draws her wonderful smoking silhouette, and some close up shots give you full details on the smoking action.

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