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Kaitlynn Teaches Jenna to Smoke Specialized Videos


Kaitlynn Teaches Jenna To Smoke runs close to an hour. This video features Kaitlynn as an awesome teacher, teaching Jenna to inhale deeper, beautifully shot gunning Jenna, and adding the elegance and enjoyment of smoking to her lessons. This video contains all original footage, except the first scene from Kaitlynn & Friends is repeated to ensure proper progression of the story. The smoking is awesome, in every scene Kaitlynn power smokes with snap inhales that are to die for, this video captures that along with talking exhales, residual exhales, nostril exhales, many double hits, and much more, all of which Jenna does her best to emulate and learn. In addition to the incredible smoking, there is intimate dialog, stellar lighting, innovative camera angles, smoking sounds and highlight after highlight as both girls offer pure excitement. Kaitlynn is so cute you will never believe a girl like this, can and does smoke like she does, Jenna adds to the excitement for endless thrills. This video is a phenomenal showcase for Kaitlynn & Jenna. You don’t want to miss this treasure.

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