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Sylvie the Moldovan Super Smoker Talks About Her Own Smoking Fetish SmokingFetishStudio


I recall the shoot with Sylvie vividly. She arrived at our designated meeting spot on time and was already smoking a cigarette … her first cigarette of the day in fact! Being keen to get her on film I quickly reached for my camera and just managed to capture Sylvie in the dying seconds of finishing that significant cigarette.

Strikingly, Sylvie actually has a smoking fetish of her own. In our final scene we capture a conversation with Sylvie on the SF in general and interestingly her own feelings on being attracted to men who smoke. She lucidly recollects her first cigarette, citing that she despised it because it made her feel dizzy and sick. Undeterred she continued smoking socially until she was 19 when it became a full-time addiction. All of these details and more are in the interview segment.

Sylvie is stylish, beautiful and alluring, and smoking cigarettes really enhances that sophistication. The camera performs a lot of work in these scenes as I film Sylvie walking and smoking – the sun capturing the smoke beautifully. There are some cool close-up scenes where Sylvie allows the smoke to waft naturally from her lips after her lungs have been coated with its delicious contents, and we get to see her alluring figure as she seductively devours her cigarettes for us. A real nice addition to your SF collection.

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