Smoking parliaments close up! Smoking Angie


Let’s try some new cigarettes! Last week I smoked Phillip Morris for the first time and shared with you some comments about it. Now it’s the turn for Parliament! To start it has a different filter, which I like, but let me tell you more about it in the video. I’m wearing a nice pink dress and my usual classy make up, I think you’ll like to see this. I’m smoking every cigarette I can get my hands on and filling my lungs with their smoke, tasting the different tobaccos and reviewing them for you. I smoke very close to you, you see my glossy lips around the cigarette filter, getting most of it inside my mouth to take a deep drag and exhale every drop of smoke around you and sometimes ON you. It’s so intimate, it’s been a while since we get this close… This is a very hot test, but a test after all, so come see if Parliament approves or not! You know how exigent I can be.

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