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Step-Mother And Pregnant Step-Daughter Fuck A Lucky Dude On Camera Wicked Smoking StepMothers


Payton and her step-daughter Skyler are in my studio today to shoot a step-mother/step-daughter video. They will be working with Shawn one of my male models. What is interesting is that Skylar is also 9 months pregnant. Both Payton and Skylar are escorts in real life, and they have done lots of step-mother/step-daughter gigs before, but this is the first time on camera. Both women give us a look at their bodies, Payton is 51 yrs old and very petite her breasts are natural and just slightly droopy for a woman who has breastfed 4 daughters. Skylar is 24 and is considerably bigger than her step-mother. At 9 months pregnant with her 2nd boy, she has that sexy shape that pregnant women have. I introduce both women to Shawn and you can almost see their juices start to flow. Both women have their hands all over him. They take Shawn into the bedroom where they start to work on him. Shawn loves to have two women at the same time and because Skylar is so pregnant it’s an added treat. Skylar has not kicked her smoking habit, so she lights up a long white VS 12o cigarette and Shawn fucks her while she smokes. Shawn takes turns step-mother and stepdaughter in many positions and finally blows a huge load of cum into pregnant Skyler’s mouth.

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