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2 18yo Power Smoking Goddesses! Strong Cigarettes & Formidable Rapid Smoking Fetish Studio


Georgina returns and this time is accompanied by her friend Amber. Both girls are real power smokers and lust after their cigarettes, such is their addiction. So when I asked the girls to power smoke their way through a few cigarettes they were delighted to oblige.

Both Georgina and Amber are 18 and both have a thirst for feeling smoke saturate their young lungs; exhibited by very deep and substantial drags and inhales. In EVERY scene the girls appear to be in competition – trying to finish their cigarette before the other. The enormity and devotion to cigarettes is evident by their smoking style, as is the obvious addiction to cigarettes as they inhale massive volumes of delectable smoke into their young bodies!

Not evident during this extended clip is the duration of the shoot. I can assure the viewer that this 12 minute clip which features the girls smoking several strong Mayfair cigarettes was completed within 25 minutes! The tendency on such a shoot is to enable a respite period between scenes in order for the model to recover from smoking too many cigarettes in a short time. Not here! Both girls merely decided without suggestion to smoke continuously for the shoot.

Although young, both Georgina and Amber epitomise hard experienced and utterly addicted smokers. They have a conflict with cigarettes; they adore the feeling that inhalation offers them, but they are also too aware that their addiction is strong…too potent to break.

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