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Alexxxya Feeding Her Smoking Fetish


Alexxxya is back in a new sexy video to practice her favorite sport: smoking !
More than a sport, it is about fetishism here! This awesome girl has the smoking fetish! See her taking pictures of her stunning performance! She obviously loves it! She performs beautiful snaps here with great “shhh” sound on each inhale. Exhales are big cones full of rich warm creamy smoke! This is true smoking, as she let the ashes build on the cigarette; she dangles a bit but always takes huge greedy drags! She looks like a bad girl with her “out of shower” look, her hair still wet, with luscious glossy lips. Beautiful snaps and driftings feature on a nice by the window scene. A new way to de-ash: she blows powerfully the smoke on the tip of the ashes! This is still strong smoking action as she smokes her cigarette down to the filter!

She then enjoys some chat on the internet. Always chainsmoking! She doesn’t care about the ashes falling on the keyboard. You can assist to wonderful cheek hollowing drags, snaps and naturally done French inhales, served by nice close up shots. The clear sound allows you to hear everything: from her powerful inhales to her delicious sighs of pleasure.

Alexxxya lights up either with matches or with a lighter. She smokes her regular Red 100s and also 2 Kent whites (her usual romanian cigarettes). Go for this video if you want to see a lovely fetishist with true powerful natural smoking skills!

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