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Anna Smoking Interview


Anna is a beautiful 22 years old model. She started to smoke her mother’s cigarettes at 14 and inhaled the smoke from the very beginning! One day, her mother tried to influence to quit smoking in an amazing way (by forcing her to smoke a big amount of cigarettes) but Anna started again and is perfectly comfortable with that. This girl truly loves to smoke: “smoking is like kissing someone actually, it’s very easy”.

She has not smoked before the shoot so you’ll see here her urge to smoke! You’ll see also some amazing dangling sessions, Anna continuously drags deep on her full flavoured cigarette and releases the smoke through her nostrils. It seems so natural to her, this girl is a queen for nostril exhales!

Remember the campaign “a pleasure to burn”? Anna would be the perfect match for these ads! She displays an excellent natural and smooth style made of deep drags followed either by snaps, or French inhales. But what strikes most is that she obviously likes to keep the smoke inside!

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