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Annie: Interview To A Smoke Holder


When she decided to move from her native Sweden to Barcelona, Annie found a smoking haven here! She enjoys so much to be allowed to smoke everywhere: parks, streets… Except in bars and nightclubs, but what a pleasure to chain smoke laid down in the sand of the beach!

Her smoking habit started in childhood, when she stole some cigarettes from her dad. Now, this 23 years old blond model claims to be totally in love with nicotine. She chains 20 cigarettes by day, but a lot more at work, on her awaited smoke breaks.

Annie loves every aspect of smoking: the taste and the sensation of the smoke pouring down in her whole body, the social aspect of smoking, the smell… She also loves to hold the smoke inside her lungs, “feeding” them with rich nicotine. She actually holds the smoke for about 15 seconds with each drag. These holds gave her a sweet smoker’s voice down the road. Annie also uses her cigarette as a wonderful weight control tool, to keep being fit and attractive! She actually goes for a run each morning before breakfast. Then, she has a glass of water and her first cigarette of the day. She also practices zumba to stay perfectly shaped.

Her style is very accomplished: neat corner lips powerful pulls on the filter tip, put deep between her lips, forever holds and nose mouth combinations or residuals as she tells her story in fluent English. Fixing her cravings also means down to the butt smoking, before reaching the next cigarette!

Annie lights up 6 times in 3 distinct scenes, using her lighter. She is perfectly at ease during this session, and smiles a lot to our camera. This blond beauty totally deserves some room in your smokingsweeties video collection, next to your favorites.

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