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Cute Girlfriend Chain Smokes 3 Marlboro reds with Trashy Attitude Smoking Angie


Dark side, chain/power smoking 2-3 cigarettes.

This would be a mix between a smoking encouragement and girlfriend experience kind of video.

Tell me how much you love smoking cigarettes, especially your favorite Marlboro Reds. Tell me how you are smoking 2-3 packs per day and trying to smoke even more. Being a heavy smoker is very appealing to you and you feel so sexy and turned on when you smoke. You are starting to date again after being with a guy who didn’t like your smoking… Tell me you will only consider being with someone who is a heavy smoker like you. Minimum 2 packs per day, only reds, no weak, light cigarettes. Encourage me to smoke more with you. If I can keep up with your smoking we will have a great relationship supporting our bad habit and making our lungs black together. Always smoking fast and powerfully while talking…. bad girl attitude, and proud to be a heavy smoker.

Can you wear something cute and somewhat trashy… jean shorts, crop top, maybe your black leather Converse shoes or your white Converse…? The cute outfit will be a nice contrast to your love for heavy smoking and Marlboro Reds.

You can have multiple packs of cigarettes hanging out of your pockets or shirt for effect. You love showing everyone how much you love cigarettes. You could also show off a full ashtray in the frame and show me all the cigarettes you smoke….

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