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Franchezca Heavy Smoking Girl


Franchezca grew up in an Italian heavy smoker’s family. Her habit started being 10 years old: she loved to go to her family lunches because she was allowed to smoke cigarettes at the table, together with her cousins and older brothers. One year later she was satisfying her cravings smoking her mom’s cigarettes at school. When she was 13 her parents allowed Franchezca to smoke at home.

Franchezca is now 25 years old and she has spent more than the half of her life smoking. By watching this video you can realize the heavy smoker she is: she smokes 50 cigarettes per day. It’s easy to see her chain smoking one cigarette after the other when she is shopping, driving, clubbing or sitting in a coffee.

Franchezca has got the classic smoking style of a heavy smoker: nostril exhales followed by residual smoke, snap inhales and those heavy long drags that can burn down the cigarette in a snap. She also has a great body and a natural grace posing for the camera, so watching this video is a delight for those who love to see a hot heavy smoking girl chain smoking her cigarettes.

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