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Is Addiction Imminent? Sonam Samples Cigarettes for the First Time & Falls in Love with SmokingFetishStudio


Sonam is a 26 year old model from London who’s always thought smoking cigarettes represents a sensual and beautiful image. But as a consequence of the anti-smoking lobby Sonam has always been deterred from trying smoking … until recently! She finally decided to sample a few cigarettes and determine for herself what they were like.

These four scenes feature Sonam’s first experience with smoking cigarettes. A couple of scenes contain full on-topic dialogue while the other two showcase Sonam’s progress as she become more accustomed to smoking.

The dialogue is particularly interesting. It’s apparent that Sonam has never before smoked cigarettes. She coughs a few times when she drags on the cigarette too intensely and inhales the smoke too deeply. And as many newbie smokers she has difficulty in operating the lighter to get her cigarettes lit. But conversely, she appears natural at the same time. She holds her cigarette like a girl who’s been smoking regularly for many years. Upon enquiry the reason Sonam cites for this is because she’s always been interested in her friend who’s a regular smoker, and as Sonam has observed her over a number of years she has subconsciously learned some of her habits.

We discuss Sonam’s friend and her influence on Sonam’s desire to try smoking, as well a range of other topics including the profound sexiness of smoking cigarettes, the sensation of how smoke feels in her lungs, the overall feeling smoking cigarettes provides and how she would like to sample menthol cigarettes. As I mentioned before there’s some nice on-topic conversation as well as a couple of scenes of Sonam nonchalantly relaxing and enjoying her cigarettes.

A common problem nowadays exists which prevents girls from regularly smoking; the anti-smoking lobby! And unfortunately cigarette packaging here in the UK will soon be enveloped with gruesome images of diseased organs to prevent more people from smoking. I’m hoping that Sonam doesn’t heed these warnings. She’s clearly seduced by the sexiness of cigarettes and indeed says so in this clip. Let’s hope that she’s soon to be a regular smoker!

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