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Mistress Leah teaches Sub Chloe how to smoke a cigar properly Cigar Fetish WomenWhoSmoke


Mistress Rebecca Leah is wearing a black Latex mini dress and thigh high PVC boots. Her hair is down and she is looking forward to using sub Chloe as her slave today! Sub Chloe Toy is wearing nothing but a pair of cute Disney princess panties. Mistress Leah enters the room with her flogger in hand! Sub Chloe is on her knees, awaiting her Mistresses instructions like a good sub girl. Mistress Leah picks up some cuffs and ties them to sub Chloe’s wrists. Chloe stands up, showing off her perfect body and natural boobs as Mistress Leah attaches more cuff’s to Chloe’s ankles. Sub Chloe follows her Mistresses orders and gets back down on her knees so that Mistress Leah can attach her collar and lead around her neck. Now that sub Chloe is properly attired for the session, Mistress Leah tells Chloe what she has in store for her today! Mistress Leah has heard that sub Chloe has a cigar fetish and decides to teach her how to smoke a cigar properly! Mistress Leah pulls out a ‘Reposado ’96 Estate Blend’ cigar and asks Sub Chloe if she knows how to cut a cigar. Chloe shakes her head, Mistress is shocked! She shows sub Chloe how to cut the end off properly and then tells her to do it herself. Sub Chloe holds onto the cigar, whilst Mistress Leah leans in and toasts the end of the cigar with her lighter. Mistress asks sub Chloe what she likes about cigars’ ‘is it the size, the shape, the taste’… Mistress Leah places the cigar between her teeth and pretty pink lips and instructs sub Chloe to spark the lighter for her. Once lit, Mistress Leah feeds the cigar into sub Chloe’s mouth and teaches her how to inhale. Chloe naturally inhales deeply which pleases Mistress Leah and makes her giggle. Now that Chloe knows what to expect, it’s time to tie her hands behind her back and step it up! Mistress Leah has tied sub Chloe’s hands behind her back and is now going to blow smoke into her sub girl’s mouth. Mistress Leah takes a long drag from the cigar and leans forward to blow the smoke as Chloe sucks it into her own mouth. Chloe has a little cough before she takes some more smoke from her Mistresses mouth. Mistress Leah likes having sub Chloe as her toy, using her as her slave and feeding the cigar into her perfect little mouth instructing her to pull on the end of the cigar. Mistress Leah shows sub Chloe a few tricks and then tells her to copy them. Mistress is clearly an experienced smoker and does the tricks with such ease! Poor Chloe is struggling, yet Mistress enjoys pushing her a little more each time to see how much she can handle. Mistress keeps full control of her sub girl, ensuring she knows her place! Mistress Leah leans forward and blows smoke into Chloe’s mouth a few more times before Chloe begins to cough again. She has such a cute cough! Once they have smoked the cigar all the way down, sub Chloe thanks her Mistress and waits patiently while Mistress Leah gets ready for the next part of their session.

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