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Getting Lucky with Your Smoking Trainer Britteni Bank the Chain Smoker


You’ve come to my studio for a work out instruction. We start off with some stretches and then take it to the floor for some body weight exercises. After our first set of ab exercises I just start REALLY craving a cigarette. I ask you if it’s okay if I have one, we don’t have to stop the workout. I know it’s really strange, but I just really need one. So I light up a Marlboro Red and continue with our ab exercises as I dangle the cigarette from my mouth. I continue on into glute exercises. After I finish that cigarette I actually still need another, so I light it up. This time I noticed something when I started smoking, it looks like your dick started getting hard! I get really excited. This will be an even better workout. I’m already breathing heavy from working out and smoking. I get you to lay down on the floor so I can ride your cock while I smoke. I get so horny with you inside me, I light up another cigarette and smoke 2 at once while I grind on your cock. I breathe so heavy as I smoke and ride you till we cum.

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