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Paula Residual And Nostril Exhales


Scene 1: Paula lies down on the floor with her red dress, smoking with deep long drags. This girl only exhales residual smoke, she holds too much the smoke deep inside, as her pretty body slowly gets its nicotine rush.

Scene 2: An interview about her strong addiction: “When I was 13 I was smoking regulary together with my 2 sisters. Each of us had her own packet”, As she talks she exhales big amounts of residual smoke from her lungs: “Now I smoke 40 cigarettes per day”. She says that she smokes to feel “her sensations”. On her own words: “I love how the smoke turns my lungs hot”. This scene is full of nostril exhales and long dangles.

Scene 3: This smoking model starts dangling and burning her cigarette, this fragment is to die for! She gets highly satisfied and immediately she lights up the next one. As she chain smokes, this 23 years old model tell us that after 10 years smoking she don’t cares about her already black lungs, “Why I should care?… I know I’ll be smoking all my life”.

Scene 4: The interview continues, she chain smokes two red 100s again. Is also interesting to know that cigarettes appear often in her dreams and she has to wake up on the middle of the night to have a smoke.

Go for this video if you love heavily addicted girls, dangles, residual exhales, talking exhales, nostril exhales, french inhales, lightups with matches and girls with a raspy smoker voice.

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