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Random Snaps Special #154


This title opens with Aymie enjoying VS 120s in two scenes, first lying back and relaxing, then sitting up in a formal chair; she takes big drags and follows with snap, open-mouth or french inhales, and lots of nose exhales along with some cones. Beautiful dark-haired Jena is next, smoking Marlboro 100s on the couch and then lying down facing the camera; her seductive, inviting looks are almost as hot as her deep inhales, slight open-mouth inhales and slow, sexy mouth exhales, nose exhales, hands-free smoking, smoke rings and lipstick-stained filters. Kat is sitting against the school’s brick wall smoking a VS 120, enjoying a Marlboro 100 on the couch, and fooling around with Amy B. on the bed as they each have a 120 and then share a Red with a few smoke exchanges. There are some terrific exaggerated snaps and frenches along with natural snaps, mouth and nose exhales, and dangles. Leah L. and Loretta display their amazing smoking and take turns showing off snaps and frenches, double drags and rings, nose exhales and dangles in a great duo scene; unfortunately this one is silent. Loretta and Leah each follow with solo, casual shoots proving that luscious snap and french inhales, with lots of nose exhales, is their normal smoking style. Finally, Mel L. relaxes in lingerie with a Marlboro 100, smiling broadly as she takes deep drags and shows us her thick mouth exhales and recycled frenches. There is natural sound in this title, along with dialogue in most of the duo scenes and some of the solo shoots.

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