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Teaching a New Smoker to Inhale! Nina Learns how to Smoke Cigarettes … (part 2) Smoking Fetish Studio


This extended scene is part 2 of Nina learning how to smoke cigarettes. We scheduled the shoot a few days after the previous one. I decided to purchase a different brand for Nina to try and thought that menthol cigarettes might prove to be easier to inhale.

Her progress is evident. She doesn’t cough as much as the first time we met and really begins to enjoy her cigarettes. Like the last shoot we spent the entire afternoon together in Hyde Park in Central London which provided Nina with plenty of time between each cigarette to prevent her from feeling overwhelmed by smoking.

As usual there’s on topic discussion about smoking and the sexiness of smoking. We talk about the difference between the regular and menthol cigarettes and what it feels like to smoke. The final two scene’s reveal Nina has finally managed to learn how to smoke. As she lays in the park smoking a menthol cigarette as the afternoon draws to a close, Nina remarks “It’s more relaxing” and “wow such a relaxing position”. I ask Nina if smoking a cigarette assists the relaxation; she replies “yeah of course”! The final scene also shows Nina’s chest rising and falling each time she inhales some smoke; her lungs are shown to be more accustomed to smoking now.

The clip compliments part 1. Nina’s journey from non-smoker to novice and eventually somebody who has learned how to smoke cigarettes is complete. She begins to not only enjoy smoking cigarettes but begins to LOVE the sensation of inhaling creamy and delicious smoke into her lungs. Unfortunately we never met for a third shoot – I wonder (and hope) that Nina is still smoking. This is a real must-see clip!

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