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Vanessa Rising Breast Inhales


This video gives you a closer look on Vanessa’s amazing body! Especially her breasts!

In the first scene, Vanessa smokes voluptuously her 100s in the bed. The camera is by her side so that you can perfectly see the expansion of her chest as she inhales the sweet smoke. She drags deep on her beloved full-flavour cigarette, often with double pumps.

In the second scene, Vanessa walks to the balcony dangling a cigarette, looking for a way to cool her hot body. As she gets her body wet with a hosepipe, she offers you a great dangling scene! Again, her drags are more often double than single…

In the third scene, Vanessa settles on a deckchair and brings another 100s to her awaiting lips. The camera focuses on her breasts and face, so you can really appreciate her breasts rising just after each great inhale. She first dangles her cigarette with powerful deep inhales. She performs a five pumps inhale here, her breasts hugely expanding! Plus, you’ll get the great sound that she makes when she exhales! She then grabs a body lotion and starts to spread it out all over her beautiful body as she dangles her cigarette. The lotion makes her body shining in the sun, as she is constantly dangling hard on her cigarette with such a pleasure.

Next, Vanessa is filmed by behind and her breasts get shaked by some wet coughing. She then smokes languorously, by the wall of her balcony. And to conclude, she threatens you with a hosepipe!

It is definitely the video you need if you enjoy huge breasts rising exhales. Also Vanessa coughs for your pleasure. It is not a simulated coughing, but a true natural one, thanks to the huge amount of cigarettes she smokes everyday (40)!

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