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We have good news for all heavy smoking fans. We have another speed smoking video from Sisi. This is part 3 of a special 3 part chain smoking video series that will include double and triple drags, dangling with dangle drags, combo mouth/nose exhales, never ending nose exhales, nose residuals that never finish before the next drag, nose exhale light ups and finishing cigarettes fast in 2.5 minutes. This beautiful model knows how to smoke cigarettes fast and she looks stunning doing it. Watching this too cute and innocent looking model burn through cigarettes fast in less than 3 minutes is a treat for any smoking fan. Sisi dominates cigarettes with multiple inhales one right after another as she puts huge amounts of smoke into her body. Can you believe that this is an adorable and lovable college girl with a sweet personality smoking like this?

In this special series 3 video Sisi continues showing incredible lung capacity with a multiple drag speed smoking display. Sisi is as pretty as ever relaxing on a sofa wearing casual clothes. You will be shocked to see her speed smoking through 2 strong cigarettes in 5 minutes with double or triple drags, one dangle drag after another, combo mouth/nose exhales, endless nose exhales and nose residuals that never end before the next drag. She quickly lights a second cigarette after only 2.5 minutes to make sure there is enough smoke into her lungs. Nose residual leakage is never ending from the start of the first cigarette to the last from huge amounts of smoke inhaled into her lungs with no fresh oxygen for her to breath for 5 straight minutes. This much smoke could damage this cute girl’s body health condition and make her lungs black.

This must see speed smoking performance like the first 2 videos is incredible. Sisi is a special girl you don’t want to miss. She is one of the most beautiful and satisfying models in our studio. This is one of the sexiest girls we have ever filmed and we are happy to have this smoking babe in our video clip inventory. All scenes are filmed from 2 angles including a front view and side view. There is improved HD filming to highlight and enhance the combo mouth/nose exhales with endless nose residuals smoke volume visual effect. If you saw the first 2 speed smoking videos in this series you know how good these are. I recommend these speed smoking videos for everyone because Sisi turns everyone on and will exceed your expectations

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