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Volume 8 La Verite


Kayla leads off with a closed mouth inhale that is followed by huge nose exhales with a little mouth exhale following or smoke rings. Celeste follows with her usual full array of styles: snaps, French and recycled French inhales, rings, nose only and combined exhales. Carla is next with snap and French inhales that are followed by combined, nose only, or tight stream exhales along with rings and some recycled French inhales. Newcomer Shannon is of mixed Italian and Spanish heritage and has a unique inhale style: she inhales the air from the side of her mouth after drawing from the center of her mouth. Her exhales are nose only and combined with some rings for good measure. These videos were shot in analog, not digital format – so the the video quality isn’t quite the same as modern digital videos. You may get best results by setting your media player display at 50 percent for this video. This video features a music background.

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