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Xiaofu- the smoking Queen Asian Fetish Club


Our heaviest smoking queen Xiaofu chain smoke two strong Chunghwa brand cigarettes (each Tar 11mg, CO11mg, Nicotine 1) with hand free hard cheek hollowing drags during the whole process. Xiaofu is very thin with height 168 weight 43KG, but her lung capacity is much larger than others. She perfectly displays hand free drags with fast pace, nose and mouth exhale huge volume of thick steam of long smoke. Idolater can try to imitate the hand free smoking compare with our sexy beauty Xiaofu, to see whether you can smoke like her, I believe only few people can do this, because I have been smoke 10year, cannot doing the exhale like her .Even if you have an great lung capacity, when tons of strong smoke goes into your body constantly, it’s hard to suffer. All the scenes captured from two angles (right side view and left side view) are included in this HD.IF you like our top 1 girl, just do not miss her smoking series.

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