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Sensual Instruction Jen Smoking Females


Jen and her Marlboro Light 100s start off the show in this DVD. Looking SO HOT in her shiny black Domme oufit, she smokes sensually just for you. She smokes long and slow; drag after drag, combined with sexy exhales all to entertain you! Sexy mood music plays during these hot segments to enhance the erotic build-up. Up next, the rest of the video is from a custom. It is done POV style where you are the object of her attention. Now, you MUST PAY ATTENTION as she instructs you on how to get your cock hard, stroke yourself and amuse her. As if her sexy smoking and sensual instructions aren’t enough to make you cum, she now starts rubbing her fabulous tits! She pulls out her big gorgeous natural boobs and plays with them, smoking all the while. FINALLY, she gives you permission to cum, saying she wants to see you make a mess all over yourself! Trust me, if you actually follow her instructions (IF you can last the ENTIRE video!), you will explode with fury! I KNOW… I made the camera guy try it! LOL Live audio and dubbed music. Nudity, graphic language. Runs Approx. 30 mins. R-rated.

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