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Hooked I rip you off while smoking 120s cigarette Smoking Angie


Just one look at me and you are hooked. Your mind only has space for me, I dominate your thoughts, your life, your bank account. I am gonna rip you off, you worked hard for me. I am the reason why you wake up, the reason why you work, you do everything for me, thinking about seeing me again, hearing my sweet voice, smelling my smoke, breathing my smoke, watch my beautiful lips sucking on the cigarette and releasing the smoke towards your direction, my mesmerizing eyes hypn0tizing you. You are hooked, you just can’t scape anymore. I am already your addiction. You always come back for more, you always come back to give me more, all you have, because you belong to me. My good boy. You are hooked, powerless. You. Are. Mine.

This was a request.

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