Platinum 1 In Real Life


The first IRL Platinum release, shot in HD, takes IRL 2.0 to a new level with up-close and personal smoking and interviews. Beautiful and cultured Carmen loves to chain-smoke; she opens this video with two scenes, chaining all-white 100s in each of the scenes. Her inhales are deep, her cone and mouth/nose exhales are lovely. Alisha is next up; she does a lengthy smoking interview with Carmen asking the questions (and apparently influencing Alisha to chain!). Alisha has strong straightforward style, and also shows us nice french inhales and snaps during her long scene. Sexy Adarra finishes the video with a very hot scene, also chaining two all-whites with slow and seductive snap inhales, mouth and nose exhales. The title has natural sound and dialogue in the interview scene; it’s just the first of many HD Platinum releases from IRL.

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