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Platinum 2 In Real Life


The second IRL Platinum release, shot in HD, takes IRL 2.0 to a new level. The video opens with a scene starring petite, heavy-smoking Amira She chains through two cigarettes in six minutes with great snap inhales, lots of multiple drags (with smoke flowing from her nose as she takes the next inhales), rapid smoking, and enormous mouth and nose exhales. Kelli doesn’t devour her cigarettes like Amira – she’s a more composed, slower smoker – it takes her almost eight minutes to chain through two cigarettes. But she still loves her smoke, in three great scenes (two of them chaining) featuring deep and double drags, open-mouth inhales, thick mouth and nose exhales, seen at times in beautiful closeup. Finally, Meghan smokes a 120 in a naughty-and-nice scene, as she wears a sedate flowered dress – that gives us nice views of her hot tats, as she takes deep drags, double drags, and shows some french inhales and thick mouth exhales. This HD Platinum release has natural sound.

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