First time smoker + interview w/ Vanessa Sweet Maria


Vanessa: first time smoker + smoking interview. Meet my hot friend Vanessa, a non-smoker. She’s about to try her first cigarette ever, about to experience the pleasure of smoking a cigarette! I let her choose between a Marlboro menthol or a Gold 100. Her first drag is shy, she doesn’t really inhale the smoke, so I give her a few tips. After a while, she’s inhaling like a pro! While enjoying my own cigarette, I ask her a few questions (have you ever wanted to pick up smoking? why don’t you smoke? do you think smoking is sexy?, etc). After she’s done with her menthol cigarette I ask if she’d like another one. YES! She’d like to try the Gold 100’s as well. When I asked her if smoking could turn into a habbit, her answer was… YES! Let’s work hard and get her hooked for life, shall we? 😉

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