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Danielle Maye & Chloe Toy ‘School Girl Gloryhole’


Naughty college girls Danielle and Chloe, have had enough lessons for the day and are bunking of in the girls toilets. Dressed in there slutty uniform the hide together in the same cubicle and light up a cigarette. The both smoke whilst talking about boys they fancy and how the are going to sneak into a nightclub at the weekend, when there is a loud knock on the door, thinking they have been caught Danielle tells the teacher she’s just peeing and will be done shortly. With no answer the girls think there of the hook and start giggling, Danielle spots a huge thick cock spilling through a hole in the wall. The girls have never seen one so big, Danielle asks Chloe if she has ever sucked clock before and when she replies no.. Danielle thinks it’s time she learnt. The girls share the huge cock and take turns sucking a licking the cock. Curious as to which Pervy teacher the cock belongs to the invite him in…..

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